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Founder’s Message

Get your trees removed with expert precision every time. Call Garrison McKinney Tree Services (662) 262-TREE

-Chace Garrison - Owner
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About Us

Garrison McKinney Tree Service is owned and operated by Chace Garrison & Joe McKinney. We offer a wide range of services for people located in the Tupelo Mississippi area. We have over 40 years of combined experience in construction, removing trees, land clearing, stump grinding, tree trimming, demolitions and even residential bridge work. Yes, we can even help you build a bridge on your property.

Our Mission

" To provide Tupelo-area residents with a reliable 24/7 tree service who can handle any job. "

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Our Managers

Chace Garrison

Founder & CEO

Joe McKinney

Co-founder & COO

Alexander Glovets

Legal Eagle & CFO